Installs 60% faster

No silicone. No mess. No clean up.

Made in the USA

Easy to install

1. Place  2. Set  3. Secure

Patented weather-tight gasket
system installs at any tempature

Each Box Comes With:

  • 50 Mini SnowGuards (1.5"W x 4"L x 2"H)
  • 50 Perfect Seal Gaskets (1.5"W x 4"L)
  • 150 Neoprene Washered Mounting Screws (1.5"L)

Tools and Hardware required:

  • Standard cordless or corded drill/driver
  • 1/4 in. nut driver for mounting screws



Place the gasket in the grooved channel on the base of the SnowGuard, aligning the screw holes.

Set the SnowGuard in place. The flat side of the SnowGuard should be facing towards the peak of the roof.

Using a ¼” nut driver bit, attach the SnowGuard to the roof using 3 - #10 neoprene washered screws. The screws must go into a structural support (perlin, sub-roof), on the roof. Check each screw for approximately 50% compression of the neoprene washer.


Use the instructions below to determine the number of Mini SnowGuards needed

feet long
feet tall
feet per year
boxes for that side of the roof (each box contains 50 Mini SnowGuards)

Make sure to calculate all sides of the roof for a total number of Mini SnowGuards needed

*Start the first row 12 in. - 18 in. from the gutter line

Install using the pattern shown here

Roof-Time Warranty is only valid if SnowGuards are installed properly: installing the correct quantity based on the SnowGuard Calculator on this box, following the proper installation pattern, and using the Perfect Seal Gasket and instructed mounting hardware. The use of silicone, other mounting hardware, or improper installation based on Advantage Plastics, Inc.'s included instructions void all warranty coverages. Warranty covers SnowGuard only.