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National Roofing Week: Celebrating Safety and Innovation

National Roofing Week: Celebrating Safety and Innovation

Every June, National Roofing Week reminds us of the vital role roofs play in protecting our homes, businesses, and communities. It's also a time to recognize the skilled roofing professionals who install and maintain the strong roofs we all depend on.

Here at STINGER, we join the celebration by highlighting how innovation and safety contribute to reliable roofs and empower roofing pros to work with greater confidence and reduced risk.

Laying the Foundation for Strong Roof Systems

A properly installed roof is a safe roof. Capped fasteners are an installation best practice recommended by housewrap and underlayment manufacturers. At STINGER, we offer a range of Cap Fastener Systems, including cap staplers, cap nailers, and STINGER StaplePacs and NailPacs for efficient, quality installations.

Our STINGER Cap Fastener Systems provide roofing pros with a superior alternative to nails with several key benefits:

Award-Winning Pro Tools

When it comes to capped fastener installation, STINGER innovation shines to help roofers work smarter, not harder, with tools that deliver on the jobsite:

Supporting Roofing Pros with User Comfort and Efficiency

Roofing work is physically demanding, and National Roofing Week is the perfect time to recognize the dedication and resilience of these skilled professionals. STINGER Cap Staplers and Cap Nailers are designed with user comfort and efficiency in mind to help roofers work through long days and complete projects effectively, providing:

By minimizing fatigue and downtime, STINGER helps roofing pros stay focused on the task at hand, avoiding mistakes that could lead to accidents while producing quality results every time.

Focusing on a Safe Work Environment

National Roofing Week is a timely reminder to prioritize fall protection measures, a critical aspect of roofer safety. Our EXO Synthetic Underlayments feature a proprietary slip-resistant coating on the backside with a spun-bond non-woven walking surface for improved traction and walkability to help prevent slips and falls. These underlayments are also lighter than traditional felt paper for less strain while carrying and maneuvering on the roof and are UV resistant for up to six months for flexibility when scheduling projects.

Recognizing Roofing Professionals

National Roofing Week is a time to recognize the skilled roofing professionals we depend on for the structural integrity and weatherproofing of our homes and buildings. STINGER is proud to support these hardworking pros with innovative tools that empower them to work efficiently and confidently.

For your next roofing project, depend on STINGER—because we all depend on you.