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CN100B: The Only Way To Lay It Down

One cap nailing system makes faster installs and better-protected homes possible: The STINGER® CN100B Cap Nailer and NailPac®.

Your tool crib is full of the fasteners and tools you need to complete a roofing project, but are you using the right ones to protect the house from water damage? Cap nails are the new standard for installing roofing underlayment and are often required by manufacturers and building codes. And while hand drive cap nails are better than using a nail alone, STINGER collated cap nails are the best option to secure roofing underlayment—they stand up to the elements better, keep water out of fastener holes, and are fast to install with the right cap nailer.

But what cap nailer should you use? Look no further than the award-winning STINGER® CN100B Cap Nailer and NailPac® trusted by roofing crews to get the job done quickly and well.

Boost Efficiency
Adding a tool to your crew should boost your efficiency and productivity, and the CN100B delivers. The cap nailer features a great fastener capacity, holding 200 caps and 200 nails, so reloads are infrequent and simultaneous. It's also quick to place a new reel of caps and coil of nails, only stopping for mere seconds to reload.

In terms of speed, it doesn't get faster than the CN100B, especially in bumpfire mode, where you can load up your tool, then fasten rows of underlayment in no time. Plus, the CN100B only weighs 4.9 pounds so you won't experience arm fatigue on the job.

One cap nailing system makes faster installs and better-protected homes possible: The STINGER® CN100B Cap Nailer and NailPac®.

Reliable Performance
Whether you're fastening roofing underlayment, housewrap, or foam board, the durable CN100B is designed to perform. The tool features an adjustable depth of drive, so it's easy to fasten the cap nail precisely every time, and a 360° tool-free exhaust. It also has a handy belt hook and comes with a carrying case to keep it protected when not in use. When you purchase the CN100B, you can expect an excellent tool life, but you'll also have peace of mind thanks to a one-year limited warranty and tool repair services to keep your cap nailer up and running.

Better Cap Nailer, Better Cap Nails
The CN100B is for exclusive use with the best-performing STINGER NailPac collated cap nails. These fasteners are code-compliant and proven through independent testing to hold on in category 5 hurricane sustained winds with wind gusts up to 180 miles per hour. That's why it's the only fastener of its kind to earn product approval from Florida's DBPR and why it's a part of the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety's (IBHS®) FORTIFIED Home™ program that ensures water will stay out of the house in the event of severe weather.

They reduce blow-offs, create an effective seal against moisture penetration, and the collated caps won't crack under prolonged UV exposure, lasting 10X longer than hand drive caps, exceeding ASTM D7869-17. Each NailPac contains 10 rolls of 200 1" collated plastic caps and 10 coils of 200 1" electro-galvanized or 304 Stainless Steel ring shank nails.

If you're ready to elevate your crew and start better-protecting homes from the elements, pick up the cap nailing system proven to do it best: STINGER.