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STINGER® CS150B: A Staple In Better Building

The STINGER® CS150B Cap Stapler is a must-have for underlayment and sidewall installations.

With everyone pushing tools and products that supposedly save you time on the job, it can be easy to bog down your tool crib without adding much value to your crew. Some tools can only perform one action working for one part of your job while taking up a lot of space, and are expensive, meaning you might never reap the reward of your investment.

So how do you pick the right tool for your crew that will make them more efficient, helping them tackle roofing and sidewall projects faster without breaking the bank? Start using the award-winning STINGER® CS150B pneumatic cap stapling system.

Cap Staples: The Best Fastener for the Job
Before you think about the tool, you've got to consider the fastener for your job. It's no secret that cap staples are the best-practice fastener for installing housewrap—they reduce blow-offs and prevent moisture penetration. Many housewrap manufacturers even require them under warranty. But they are also an excellent fastener for securing roofing underlayment, foamboard, and lumber wrap.

STINGER StaplePac® is the top of the line for cap staples, holding on in wind gust up to 180 mph, limiting tear-aways while also creating an effective seal around the staple, reducing moisture penetration at the fastener holes. Each StaplePac includes 10 rolls of 200 1" collated plastic caps and 20 strips of 18 gauge 7/16" crown staples available in 5/8", 7/8", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2" lengths.

The STINGER® CS150B Cap Stapler is a must-have for underlayment and sidewall installations.

CS150B: The Best Tool for the Job
Now that you know what fastener is the only choice for the job, you can pick up the compatible tool, the CS150B. This powerful multi-use tool was designed with the contractor in mind as the best way to install STINGER StaplePac. Built to speed up your job, the CS150B features bump fire and sequential firing modes, so you can fire 5 cap staples per second, and holds 200 caps and staples, so reloads are infrequent and fast.

With the CS150B, your crew will enjoy a fast install without arm fatigue. The CS150B only weighs 4.2 lbs and is ergonomically designed to be easy to maneuver. Other perks of the tool? It features a 360-degree tool-free adjustable exhaust and an attached belt hook, and comes with a durable carrying case. STINGER also offers a tool repair service to keep your CS150B running like new for its lifetime.

Don't fall victim to a "more is more" mentality regarding the tools your crew uses. From blocking out water with underlayment and housewrap to insulating homes with foamboard, your crew can tackle it all with the STINGER CS150B cap stapling system that will save them time and help them install better moisture defense systems.